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Universal Turbo SIM GSM Cell Phone Unlock Chip

Universal Turbo SIM GSM Cell Phone Unlock Chip
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To unlock the new iPhone 3G, please click here for different Sim-Chip
This product will work with iPhone 1st Generation.

The Sim-unlock-chip universal cell phone unlock is specially designed to unlock the carrier bundled GSM cell phone, support wide range cell phone models of different brand (Please consult compatible list), offers easiest and most convenient way to unlock cell phone without hacking it or hardware modification, simply attach a regular SIM card with unlock, insert them into phone's SIM cabinet, it is able to access any GSM network worldwide, no need to rely on bundled operators' network.

Crafted with creative integrated circuit design, equipped a powerful unlocking chip C8051-F300, incorporated the most innovated unlocking engine with advanced algorithm, stable service will be activated as long as unlock is proper installed, applicable for US/UK/EU/AU/ SIM card and carriers.

The unlock is a 0.10 mm thin FPC with golden-plated contact surface, which ensure accurate physical contact, and easy installation without modifiying the phone, just cut the SIM card according to the dotted line, place it with SIM card into SIM cabinet, unlocking will guide cell phone bypass the bundled network carrier recognition procedure, delivers full functionality.

Product Features:
  • Offer best versatility and operating simplicity of the bundled-carrier cell phone unlocking
  • Work with latest GSM cell phone models of various brand
  • Compatible with GSM network and all its carrier
  • Applicable in US/UK/EU/AU/etc
  • Most stable version, no signal losing or interruption
  • Free bundled GSM cell phone for any GSM network on the planet
  • No program or hardware modification or technical support required
  • No software installation required, no firmware up gradation or downgradation
  • Works without test-point, computer, logs, cables or hacks
  • Instant unlocking - Plug & Play
  • Safe, secure and cheap unlocking solution
  • Unlocks without losing the phones warranty
  • Long lasting and durable solution
Does not require any changes to phone (Only cut SIM card)
Does not influence any communication between the phone and the network and vice versa
Real time on the fly communication modifications, does not reroute SIM card traffic (Its transparent to the phone, and operator tariff)
Installation Procedure:
1. Prepare your SIM card, Sim-unlock-chip and pen knife.
2. Cut your SIM card according to the Sim-unlock-chip.
3. Place your SIM card together with Sim-unlock-chip and put in to your mobile phone. Now your mobile phone is unlocked.

Please Note: HandHelditems does not cover any cellphone warranty. That HandHelditems cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs from improper installation of this SIM-CHIP. Our technical staff will not dispense instructions or advice about the installation of cellphone components.

Compatible Models:

N1600, 6650 T-Mobile 3500 classic, N6500s, 3555, 2630, N6110n, 3120 classic, 6267, N95 8gb, 7900 , Crystal Prism 2760, N1600, 2600 , classic 2660, 5310, 1209, 1650, 6120c, 3110 Evolve 208, N76, E70, E51, N73, N93I, E61, N70, N93, E65, E60, 6110, 2310, E90, 5610, 6125, 6500C, 6151, 1600, 6500S, 2630, 1208, 3500Cd, N82, 1200, 6600 slide 8800, Sapphire Arte 6120 , classic 3600 , slide 8800 , Arte 6121 , classic 5500, 6233, 6234, 6230, 7370, 7390, 6136, 7373,6310I, 5320 , XpressMusic 6301, 5700, 5220, XpressMusic E51, 5070, 6212, classic E51, camera-free E90, 5000, 6263, E65, 7070, Prism N81 8GB, E61i, 2680, slide N81, N77, 1680 , classic N95 8GB, 6110, Navigator 6300i, 5610, 3110, classic N96, 5310, 3109, 6555 , All DCT4 6220, classic 7900, Prism All DCT4+, 6210 Navigator 7500 , Prism All BB5, 6124 classic 8600 Luna A35 6500 classic 6500 slide

E101 (New firmware) OT-C701,OT-E260,Mandarina Duck,OT-C507,OT-C750,OT-SPORT,OT-E227,OT-S853, OT-PRO, OT-E225, OT-S850, OT-V770,OT-E221, OT-C560, OT-V670, OT- E207, OT-C555, OT-V270, OT-E205, OT-C552, OT-V212, OT-E201, OT-C551, OT-S920, OT- E101, OT-C656, OT-S520, Lollipops, OT-C652, OT-S621, OT-E220, OT-C651, OT-S319, OT-E805, OT-E259, OT-S218, OT-E230, OT-E256, OT-S210, OT-C635, OT-E257, OT-S120, OT-C630, OT-E160, OT-S107, OT-E801, OT-E252, ELLE No 3, OT-E100, OT-E159, OT-C825, OT-C550, OT-E158, OT-C717, OT-E265, OT-E157, OT-C707, OT-E105

8700f, 7130g, Bold, 9000, 7130c, Pearl 8110, 7130v, 8120, 8707v, Curve 8320 Supported- 8700c, Curve 8310, 7100x, Curve 8300, 7100t, 8810, 8300, 8820, 7100v, 8830 World Edition, 7290, 8800, 7730, 7230, 6230, 6720

Touch Diamond, Advantage X7500, Advantage X7510, S710, P3470, P3350, Touch Cruise HTC P3400, Touch, P4350, P6500, P3600i, S730, P3600, TyTN II, P3300, S630, S620, Touch S310, P6300, HTC TyTN, HTC Shift, HTC MTeoR

i-mate Ultimate, JAQ4 i-mate SP5m, Ultimate 8502, PDAL i-mate SP4m, JAMA 201, JAQ3 i-mate JAM Black, JAMA 101, i-mate SPL i-mate JAM, i-mate JAMA, i-mate JAQ, i-mate PDA2, i-mate Ultimate 9150, i-mate JASJAM, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate Ultimate 815, i-mate SPJAS,i-mate SP3i, i-mate Ultimate 7150, i-mate Smartflip, i-mate SP3, i-mate Ultimate 6150, i-mate JAMin i-mate Pocket PC, i-mate Ultimate 5150, i-mate JASJAR i- mate Smartphone2, i-mate SP5, i-mate K-JAM i-mate Smartphone

LG U900, KP235, KU950, LGU310, KP220, KS10, LGU890, KP210, KU311, LGKU580, KP130 Trax CU575, KF600, KP100, CU515, KF750, Secret KU380, CU500V, CU915 Vu U960 CE110, KF700, KG290, KU250, KF510, KS20, KE260, KT610, KU990, Viewty KE800, KP320, KE990 Viewty, KE820, KT520, KE500, KU800, KM710, KG280, U830, KF310, KG275, L343i, KF300, KU580 All LG2G, KM500, KE850, Prada All LG3G, KM330, KE970

Lobster 445, 544, 320, 485

Z9 RAZR2 V8 RAZR V3xx Z6w W490 RIZR Z3 Z6c W395 KRZR K1 W181 W380 W375 W161 W360 W209 W270 W218 W208 W230 RIZR Z8 MOTOFONE F3 U9 KRZR K3 W220 RIZR Z10 SLVR L9 V195 ROKR E8 Q 9h V191 W377 Q 8 ROKR E2 W213 W510 RAZR V3i W180 W215 ROKR E1 W160 W205 A910 V1100 ROKR Z6 A1200 PEBL U3 ROKR E6 A728 Sidekick Slide SLVR L7e A732 RAZR2 V9 RAZR maxx V6 E895

F1 Renault , e238, 804N, , N150, e1108, N923, e373, N160, N100, N200, N109, N900iG, N110, N343i, e101, N401i, N500, e540/N411i, N342i, N600i, 802, e949/L1, N750, e122, N840, e121, N850, e353, N630, N938, N930, N908, N940, N500iS, N500i, e636

XDA Stellar , Atom, Orbit II, Orion, Comet, Exec, Nova , mini S, Terra X2i, Argon X7, Star, phone Cocoon, Xphone IIm, Flame X1b, Atom Life XM, Zinc X4, Graphite , II mini, Orbit, IIs Cosmo, IIi, Stealth Xphone II, Jet X3, Ice X2, Atom Exec X1i, Trion, II, Neo, Xphone XDA

Treo 750v, Treo 500v, Treo 650, Treo 750, Treo 600, Treo 680, Treo 270, Treo 180

Pantech G200, PG-1200, G300, PG-1400, G500, PG-6100, G700, PG-6200, G800, PG-8000, G600, PG-1500, G900, PG-3500, GB100, PG-3600, GB200, PG-3600V, GB300, PG-2800, GF200, PG-1900, GI100, PG-3900, G670, PG-1300, GF100, PG-1800, PG3000, PG-1600, GF500, PU- 5000, PG-1000s, PG-330, PG-3200, U-4000

X800 Xenium9@9w, M600 Xenium9@9m, Xenium9@9v, Xenium9@9r, 192 Xenium9@9h, 191 292, Xenium9@9j 290, Xenium9@9u, Xenium9@9g, 392 Xenium9@9f, 692, 580, 699 Dual SIM S890,892 S660, 399 180, 390 Xenium9@9s, Xenium9@9z 680, Xenium9@9k S900

9600 S100 8600 9090 8500 8020 S200 8010 9000 2020i 8310 2020 8300 8080 9100 8060 8100 1010 S110 7070

W8 my700X my101X Roland Garros my600X my100X myMobileTV 2 my600V VS4 my855c my511X VS3 my750x my501X VS2 my721x my501C VS1 my721z my500X MY V-85 my519x my411X MY V-76 my521x my405X MY V-56 my419x my401X myW-7 my429x my401Z myMobileTV my421x my401C MY C2-3 my411c my400V myZ-5 my312x my400X MY C5-3 my234x my302X MY C3-2 my231x my301X MY Z-55 my230x my300X MY X6-2 my220x my300C MY X2-2 my901C my215x MY C5-2 my900C my210x MY X1-2 my850C my200x MY X-8 my800X my200C MY X-4 my150X

SAMP910, SPH-i325 Ace, T509, M620, i640, T439, D780, L320, T429, F110, L310, T409, G400, Soul L170, T739 Katalyst, U900, Soul T819, T729 Blast, F480, F490, T539 Beat G810, G800 ,L600, B200, Serenata,Z630, B110, D880 Duos, G600, P960, i780, M610, i200, i560, M600, F400, i550, M110, X150, E420, F600, J600, D600E, A411, X480, SC707, C450, X640, V700, F900, J400, E370, L760, J700, F330, B500, J630, F250, B100,J210, i450, S730i, J150, Armani S720i, L770, J610, J200, E251, P260, L760, A746, J400, F700,A727, J750, E950, A717, A737, F 210, A437, A517, F200, A127, T819 VLSI, Conexant, Skyworks and Old Models, A117, T639 SWIFT Platform, SYSOL Platform Trident/AGERE Platform QUALCOMM Models (3G)

SEW200i W910 G502 K530 Z780 V640 T303 Z320 XPERIA X1 Z250 G900 P1 K300 Z310 K700 K510 K800 K770 K810 K310 K508 K850 K550 K618 G700 T650 W980 S500 C902 Supported - T250 C702 Z750 Z770 W580 T280 W660 T270 W880 W660 K750 W900 W850 W580 Z610 W810 W910 W960 K770 S500 J220 P990 J100 P1 T610 P960 T230 V630 V600 R306 Radio K810 R300 Radio W610 W760 K550 Z555 K220 W350 K205 W890 K200 K660 J120 W380 J110 K630 K550im K770 W888 K850 W960

SX862, GX17, GX18, GX40, 880SH, 902, GX34, 802, GX33, TM200, 705SH, S harp GX25, 904, TM150, 770SH, TM100, 550SH, V801SH, GX29, GX30, 903, GX15, 703, GX22, GX10, GX20, GX10i

TS10, TS32, TS803, TX80, TS808, TS605, TS921, G500, 705T, G900, 903T, T oshiba G450, 904T, G710, TX62, G910, TS608, G810, TS705

ZTE A61 227 A62 226 228

V55, P735, V66, J501, V75, P526, V80, M530w, M310, V88i, M307, J502, M303, Z801, P505, P527, P525, P750, P535, P550, Z810, M930, P320

S68 A38 S88 A58 EF81 M81 EF51 EF61 S81 E71 EF91 E81 E61 SL91 C81 AL26 CF61 SL80 CL71 C31 EL71 C32 P51 E52 EF71 SF71

Eten P700 glofiish X500 P300 glofiish M700 P300B glofiish X800 M500 glofiish X500+ M600 glofiish X600 G500 glofiish M800 M600+ glofiish X650 G500+ glofiish M810 M550 glofiish M750

HP Ipaq h6310, Ipaq hw6915, Ipaq h6315, Ipaq rw6818, Ipaq h6320, Ipaq rw6828, Ipaq h6325, Ipaq rw6815, Ipaq hw6510, Ipaq 514, Ipaq hw6515, Ipaq 610c, Ipaq hw6910, Ipaq 910c

Panasonic G600, P341i, GD30, A100 Series, GD70, A200, GD90, A500, GD92, X100, GD93, X200, GD35, X300, GD75, X400, GD95, X500, GD67, X700, GD87, Z800, GD55, X800, G50, A210, G60, SC3, X70, SA6, X66, SA7, X88, MX6, G51, MX7, G70, VS2, X11, VS3, X68/X77, VS6, VS7

HuaWei MT810 T7200 T2000 T868 T570 C2800 C2606 C2860 120

Japanese DOCOMO: P905I D905I SO905I SO905ICS F905I N905I

Japanese phones: 705Px Va10P V820p V911T P905I 709sc 920se V810p V820p 920p 705px V811T V812T V911T V920T V70T L600i L602i D905i F905i S0905i S090iec Sh905i D906i P906i So906i F906i Sh906i

Japanese Sofbank: 920SH 920SC 904SH SH905I 921SH 922SH 705SH 903SH 550SH 770S HGX15 GX25 GX20

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