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Universal Battery Charger (For Cellphone, Digital Camera, PDA and More)
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Universal Battery Charger (For Cellphone, Digital Camera, PDA and More)
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Universal battery charger charges cell phone, PDA and digital camera batteries regardless of size, capacity and shape. One charger can charge different cell phone, PDA or camera batteries at home, office or when travelling. Adjustable positive and negative contacts accommodates various batteries. Universal Battery Charger allows you to test the positive/negative connection before you begin charging. Also, no power is applied to the battery if the polarity (positive/negative) is reversed to prevent short-circuiting the battery. Spring-hinge clip holds battery in place while it is being charged. Advanced CMOS microcontroller chip manages the charging process for safe, rapid and reliable battery charging. Suitable for any cell phone, PDA, PDA cell phone and digital camera batteries.

How to use and operate Universal Battery Charger:
  • Align metal contact pins to the metal contacts on battery. Some batteries have more than 2 battery contacts, begin by aligning with the left- and right-most battery contacts.
  • Press the spring-hinge clip to open it and insert battery. You may need to re-adjust the metal contact pins to line up with battery contacts.
  • Make sure the metal pins make contact with the battery contacts. It does not matter which pin lines up with the positive or negative contacts on battery.
  • With the Universal Battery Charger NOT plugged into an outlet, test the connection by pressing the "TE" button.
    * If the "CON" light lights up, you have made good contact and the polarity is correct.
    * If the "CON" light does not light up, press the "CO" button and that will reverse the polarity. Now press the "TE" button again and check of the "CON" light lights up.
  • After you have passed the "TE" button test, plugged the Universal Battery Charger (with battery attached) to a power outlet.
  • "PW" light indicates electrical power is supplied to the Universal Battery Charger.
  • "CH" light flashing indicates your battery is being charged.
  • "FUL" light indicates your battery is fully charged.

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  Oscar H.  Tuesday 03 January, 2012
I have a problem with the charger input on my phone, and my phone isn't under warranty, so I thought I was

gonna have to buy another new phone. Thank goodness I came across this product....saved me about

$225 dollars for a new phone. It seems to work fine. If you also order the adapter for your car, make sure

you get the connecting USB cable also. I ordered the car adapter too, but no cable was included. But I'm sure I

have an extra cable laying around somewhere. But, other than that, this product appears to do the job very well.
  Dimeshia J.  Saturday 21 August, 2010
shipping was fast and easy and the product works great...its cheap but i guess you get what you pay for
  lourdes F.  Thursday 05 August, 2010
i have one..and it works perfectly..
i have a Samsung Motorola and a Blackberry..
charges all of perfectly fine..my fones even stay alive longer that usual..i can go 2 days withouh charging my phones back up...
  Joey S.  Saturday 03 July, 2010
Terribly cheap product!
  KANISHA T.  Tuesday 08 June, 2010
The good things about this product
-It was cheap
-The shipping was fast
-It is easy to use
-It chargers up my phone very well

The only thing bad that I can say about this product is that it takes a while for it to charge up the battery completely, so dedicate a few hours to just leaving it to charge.

Overall, this product is a good product and a good price.
  Neil C.  Monday 26 April, 2010
Piece of junk. Dont buy.... very cheap product.
  Jonathan R.  Tuesday 09 March, 2010
Basically, you get what you pay for. It feels cheap in every aspect and I have yet to find a single battery I own that it will work with. Does not work with my cell phone, my digital SLR, my compact digital, my camcorder, my bluetooth headset, my iPod battery pack, etc. So much for universal . . .
  Joanna C.  Monday 14 December, 2009
Shipping was great bit chager doesn't perform well at all. I have a samsung battery and it won;t do a complete charge!
  Catherine S.  Wednesday 18 November, 2009
Lets just start by saying that shipping was very fast!! But the charger is a lil disappointing, it very rarely gives my LG Env2 battery a full charge. and it is kinda cheap. but you get what you pay for i guess.
  Robert S.  Friday 11 September, 2009
Bottom Line first: Excellent product ... well made... relatively easy to use (see below)

The good: charges virtually any 3.5-3.7V photo, cell, mp3, etc. battery. Contacts are firm and well designed. It tells you when it's charging and when it's done.

The bad: it doesn't come w an instruction sheet so you have to figure it out on your own. I made some measurements and found that the plus side is on the left side and the minus on the right as you look from the front of the charger. It may not damage the battery by hooking it up backwards but I wasn't willing to take the risk.
  Frederick L.  Friday 11 September, 2009
This is a very good product which does what it promises. I had an insured cell phone (don't ever do that!) which I broke; they sent me a so-called "comparable" replacement, which usually needs to be recharged every day. I avoid needing to have the phone itself plugged into the wall by rotating 3 batteries and using this charger.
I downgraded its rating by one star only because the charger I received isn't actually the exact one pictured in the description. In fact, the charging instructions shown here and even the picture on the box that the charger came in (!) are for a slightly different unit.
The pictured charger has 4 indicator lights and a polarity-reversing button; the one I got has 3 lights and no button. But the 3 lights do show what you need-- correct polarity, charging activity, and full charge. (I assume that you could insert the battery into the unit face down if the polarity was wrong, although I don't think that polarity is even an issue for my particular battery.)
On the bottom line, this is an excellent product at a very low price. Without it, my phone would have to spend several hours a day plugged into the wall.
  Vincent A.  Monday 07 September, 2009
The charge is very flexible and will adapt to about any battery. Definitely a must have if you have a family with several different phones. Also a better alternative for charging back up batteries versus a docking system. I definitely recommend.
  Paul K.  Saturday 29 August, 2009
This thing really works! Have you ever lost the charger to your camera or cell phone? Well I have and trying to replace it is expensive. I know have two of these charges because the work on a number of my cameras and are super compact. Once you get the hang of inserting the battery the rest is just plug and go. And at this price what do you have to lose?
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