Dear customers, we are sorry to inform you that will be closed starting 7/1/2017. Marketplace will not longer available. Customer login will continue to be available to you for informational purposes up until 10/31/2017. Thank you for your preious support and business.

Ordering Question

I am from a APO or different country and would like to place an order. What is the procedure to make my purchase?

Use our Proceed Directly to Fast Checkout function.

I did not receive some of my ordered items?

Multiple packages may be on it's way to you. We have many warehouse location within USA. Depending on what you ordered will depend on which warehouse your items will be shipped from. You can log into your handhelditems's account to check for multiple tracking numbers.

Is there any way to edit my order once it is placed?

The best way is to cancel your current order and place a new one.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards, Paypal Checkout or Amazon Payment. (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express).

Why am I getting kicked back to the previous page or declined when I checkout?

Our system is very sensitive when it comes to customer information. If your billing address specified on your invoice does not match the credit/debit card billing information, our system will not accept your purchase request. You may be asked to input the correct billing address or correct cvv codes during the checkout process. Or in order to bypass that, you will need to speak with your bank to change your billing information to correspond to the information you had provided during check out.

Why is my order still in pending status?

Most orders are process within 24 business hours. However if your ordered item(s) is in back order then we will hold your order in pending status until the order can be fulfilled. If we are unable to fulfill your order then a refund will be issued within a timely matter.
**Please note - different sellers may have different ship days setting, you may find more infomation at each product page with ship days. "Ship Days" means how many days usually take to prepare and package your order.

Why was my debit card charged twice?

Log into your handhelditems account to check if the order was placed twice. If yes, contact our customer service to cancel and refund a order. If not, most likely your first transaction was declined. The bank usually puts a pending hold on the amount of the declined transaction, which will be released within 3-5 business days (depending on your bank). Or you may contact your bank for more information on the declined transaction release.

I have a pending transactions on my account, but I did not place any orders, how is this possible?

Customer credit card transaction histories are not kept in our system or facilities. It can quite possibly mean that your account has been used by someone other than yourself and it is necessary to contact your bank immediately.

Do you have will-call?

We do not accept walk-in business. For will-call, you must call our customer service to place your order and arrange an appointment to come in.